Chop-chop HTTP Client

A Java library that provides accelerated downloads of HTTP/HTTPS URIs via the GET and POST methods. Works similar to download managers as requests are made in parallel and chunked for speed.


Maven 2 is used for hosting the releases. Maven Central should have all the releases available. Just add a dependency to your pom like the following:


If you don't have Maven you may access the jars manually via

Don't forget to look at the chopchophttpclient-x.y.z.pom for needed dependencies.

GPG Public Key

My GPG public key is used to sign the releases published into the Maven repository. You can download it from here.

Project Page

The project page can be accessed via See that page for the bug tracker and news.

Example Usage:

		//We must setup logging for HttpClient, otherwise it will get 16x slower due to it wasting time
		//	trying to log and catching errors internally  [rbeede, 2008-11]
		Logger.getLogger("httpclient.wire").setLevel(Level.OFF);  //really slow!
		final URI[] uris = new URI[] {new URI(""), new URI("")};
		System.out.println("Current working directory:  " + CWD.getAbsolutePath());
		final File[] files = new File[] {new File("file1"), new File("file1")};
		System.out.println("Commencing download of " + uris.length + " URIs...");
		// You can also just pass null for username/password/domain
		// You can also specify a proxy server username/password/domain
		// The last argument is useful for GUIs that need to display progress
		final Client client = new Client("username", "password", "ntlm domain", new EnvironmentProxySelector(), null, null, null, null);		
		// You could also have passed in an array of OutputStream instead of files
		// The passed in files will be given last modified dates matching what the server gave
		final DownloadResult[] downloadResults =, files, null);
		for(DownloadResult downloadResult : downloadResults) {
			if(downloadResult.getServerResponseCode() != 200) {
				System.err.println(downloadResult.getURI() + " failed");

See the ChopchopHTTPClient class in the source for a more complete example.

Getting Help

Contact sourceforge+cchc -@AT- (change the -@AT- for spam prevention) or comment on the project forums if you have usage questions.